Gate-n-Crate Folding Pet Gate | Product Review
Gate-n-Crate Folding Pet Gate | Product Review

Merry Products Gate-n-Crate Folding Pet Gate

The Merry Products Gate-n-Crate Folding Pet Gate stands 20 inches high while adjusting from 40 inches to72 inches inch span by itself. This freestanding gate is constructed of solid hardwood with walnut finish and is a very versatile. There are no optional extensions that can be purchased with this gate. A nice feature of this pet gate is that it can be used as a 3-sided create next to a wall to keep a small dog confined. Pin hinges allow the outer sections of the gate to be extended out and swivel in almost any angel to block off any area within the gates span.

This free standing gate is a popular choice for small to medium breed dogs. The gate takes up a small footprint if you're looking to store it away and it there's nothing ti disassemble. Also this gate features carrying handles for easy transportation if you're looking to move the gate. The feet of the gate provide great stability and support from a pet knocking it over.

Gate-n-Crate Against Wall Gate-n-Crate - ExtendedGate-n-Crate - Closed

This gate is not designed for large breed dogs or stairways. It's meant to be a step-over gate for smaller breed dogs.

This indoor gate is recommended for pet use only and not child use.

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